‘Still Lives’ at Erarta Galleries London

Exhibition Announcement at Erarta Gallery London

Irina Starkova's 'Still Lives' at Erarta Galleries London

Erarta Galleries London is pleased to present Still Lives the first solo show of Irina Starkova in the UK. Still Lives is the culmination of months of study of ornithological and entomological specimens after being granted access to the archives of the Natural History Museum and Institute of Tropical Medicine in London. Starkova decided to put these detailed, analytical drawings at the centre of the project, examining how these creatures have shaped the human world both physically and spiritually.

For the Still Lives exhibition at Erarta Galleries London, she has created a series of detailed oil paintings which fuse her love of portrait painting and nature, as well as allowing her to expand into a new area of art, creating a selection of limited edition giclée prints especially for the exhibition.

“Having spent the summer analyzing, drawing and painting the creatures I had been allowed to examine, I decided to put my drawings at the centre of the project. It looks at how they have shaped the human world insofar as we constantly copy and borrow their forms, their colours, textures and adapt them for our use.”


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